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Effects of spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic

Car crashes and work-related incidents are two types of events that can lead to spinal cord injuries. The extent of damage determines what type of impact they have on your life. Ones that occur at a higher level and those that are complete are often more serious than lower or incomplete injuries.

Immediate evaluation is critical after an accident to determine the extent of the injuries and the proper care for them. This usually begins with the medical care team that comes to the scene of the accident to stabilize and transport the victim to the hospital. It continues with the emergency room staff and long-term care team.

Workers' compensation offers more than just medical coverage

Most people in Maryland know that workers' compensation offers important medical benefits when someone gets hurt. That way, even those without their own health insurance policies know they have protection if they wind up hurt or sick because of the job that they do.

Those who work in particularly dangerous environments, like factories or construction sites, may also be aware of disability benefits available through workers' compensation because they know someone who has had to claim them in the past.

Traumatic brain injury survivors speak out

You suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident or a fall at work. They rush you to the hospital. In all honesty, you don't even remember the event. The injury to your brain erased that memory. Others had to fill you in on the details.

Now you're wondering what your life is going to look like in the years to come. How could this TBI change your life? What do you need to know? What do you want other people to know?

Don't do these 5 things when making a car insurance claim

There are not many things more frightening than a motor vehicle accident. Not only are you concerned about your health and well-being, but you also have to consider the impact of the crash on your future.

After receiving treatment, you'll turn your attention to two details:

  • Filing a car insurance claim
  • Learning more about your legal rights for seeking compensation from the at-fault party

Workers' compensation protects the dependents of injured workers

You probably already realize that workers' compensation protects you in the event that you get hurt while working. These important insurance policies not only cover the medical costs of workplace injuries or illnesses, but also lost wages via both temporary and permanent disability benefits.

As an employed adult, you are not the only person in your family who is eligible for protection from workers' compensation insurance in Maryland. Your spouse, as well as your dependent children, also have certain protections that are available under the program.

Texting drivers can end up causing you serious injuries

Motor vehicle crashes can happen for a broad range of reasons. Sometimes, bad weather makes it harder for people to control their vehicles properly. Other times, a mistake by one driver can end up having consequences for many other people on the road. Sadly, it has become increasingly common for people to make choices that leave others in danger on the road.

One such choice is the decision to drive distracted, particularly when someone engages with a mobile phone. Our culture has become obsessed with constant contact and the need for instant responses. Even those who may not text with family or loved ones on the road may feel compelled to respond to a boss or client. All too often, these people overlook the legal and practical risk that they are taking.

Spinal cord injuries can cause major life changes

Many injuries can cause lasting symptoms. For example, a broken leg might have aches and pains as time progresses, even after the bone is healed. Spinal cord injuries are a bit different because the effects can last the rest of the person's life without improving.

For a person who has an injured spinal cord, there are many factors to impact how one fares in the aftermath. It is imperative to understand how quality of life might be impacted by the injury.

Do you understand premises liability in slip-and-fall incidents?

Thousands of people slip and fall all over the United States ever day. Some of these people walk away with little or no injuries, while others end up severely hurt. In fact, more than a million people each year seek treatment in emergency rooms due to slip-and-fall injuries. They happen both to people who are at work and to people visiting a store or walking down the sidewalk.

Contrary to popular belief, the elderly are not the only people at risk for severe injuries resulting from a slip-and-fall. Older adults do risk broken hips and other severe injuries, but people of any age can sustain severe injuries after slipping. If it happens in a public space, like in a parking lot or a busy store, there may be premises liability involved.

3 things to do to adjust after a car crash

A motor vehicle crash instantly stops your day. It might result in injuries that require treatment, or someone could suffer fatal injuries. As someone who is a victim in a motor vehicle accident, it's your right to receive medical care and other assistance. Typically, the person who caused the crash becomes responsible for those expenses.

Money isn't everything, though. After a crash, there are still many things you'll go through, from ongoing medical treatments to trying to find a job that works with your new or worsened disability. How can you deal with the changes that take place in your life?

Common causes of distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a problem since long before cellphones started adding to the incidents. In general, distracted driving is the cause of approximately 25 percent of all car accident fatalities. It is more than likely that you have seen a distracted driver or possibly even been the victim of one. Whether or not you have been involved in a wreck with a distracted driver, it can help you to avoid future accidents by knowing what causes this behavior.

You might be wondering how knowing the causes of distracted driving can help you avoid an accident. By knowing the causes, you can more easily see the signs. For example, how many times have you sat in traffic in Pikesville and seen the driver next to you eating a breakfast sandwich or fiddling with the radio. Guess what? These are distractions. Read below to find out more about the common causes of distracted driving.


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