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Mother says care for child’s birth injuries will total millions

Many mothers and fathers in Baltimore may agree that some of the happiest days of their lives were when their children were born. The birth of a child is an exciting moment. After months of waiting and preparing, parents finally get to see and hold their babies.

And over the next weeks, months and years, parents get to enjoy many new experiences with their sons and daughters. They look forward to seeing their babies roll over for the first time, grab a toy with their hands, crawl, speak and walk. These are precious moments that parents look forward to and will remember for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, some parents are deprived of these moments because of medical malpractice.

Medical professionals deliver babies every day here in Baltimore and across the globe. Although medical professionals may have a significant amount of experience delivering babies safely and delivering babies under a variety of circumstances, medical professionals are still capable of making serious birthing errors when they deviate from the accepted standard of care. And as we mentioned in one of our blog posts earlier this month, the effects of an injury suffered at birth may be traumatic, permanent and disabling.

Babies may suffer birth injuries when a variety of mistakes are made while their mothers are in labor. One mistake doctors, nurses and midwives may make is failing to notice when an unborn baby is in distress or failing to properly address signs of fetal distress. When medical professionals do not take the steps that are necessary to deliver a baby quickly when a baby is in distress, the baby may suffer disabling injuries.

This happened to one mother and her baby last fall in Illinois. The mother’s baby was in distress, but the woman’s doctor and midwife failed to address the issue, which prolonged the baby’s birth. The mother’s baby was not delivered as soon as the baby should have been, and as a result, the mother’s child was born with severe impairments.

The child’s impairments are permanent. The child will never take her first steps, and she will never say her first words.

After going through a traumatic birthing experience, the mother has decided to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. The mother is seeking compensation for her child’s injuries and medical expenses. Due to the severity of the child’s injuries and disabilities, the mother estimates that her child’s lifetime medical and care expenses will exceed $10 million.

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