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NTSB: 20 percent of wrong-way crashes in U.S. are fatal

Not all motor vehicle accidents are preventable in Baltimore. However, there are two types of accidents that are completely avoidable: drunk driving accidents and wrong-way crashes.

Drunk driving is dangerous, and when a drunk driver is traveling on the wrong side of the road, the outcome can be devastating. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 20 percent of wrong-way car accidents that occur in Maryland and throughout the entire country result in fatal injuries. The NTSB also reported that about 60 percent of wrong-way crashes involve intoxicated drivers.

The NTSB is becoming very concerned about the number of wrong-way crashes that continue to occur and take the lives of hundreds of individuals every year. In an effort to better reduce and prevent these types of accidents, the NTSB is encouraging communities to take more action.

According to the NTSB, wrong-way crashes take the lives of about 360 people throughout the U.S. every year. Although motorists can prevent these types of accidents from happening by paying attention to road signs and by not driving drunk, the NTSB has recently offered some additional tips for preventing these fatal accidents from happening.

In addition to preventing people from getting behind the wheel after drinking, the NTSB stated that having better signs on the road may prevent people from making the mistake of driving on the wrong side of the street. The NTSB said that on ramps could also be designed better to prevent folks from driving on the wrong side of the highway or freeway.

The NTSB also mentioned that automakers can get more involved in the prevention of wrong-way crashes. The agency said that it would like automakers to consider adding safety features that would notify drivers when they are traveling on the wrong side of the road.

Implementing all of these recommendations would certainly take some time here in Maryland. However, motorists can contribute to making our roads safer right now by paying attention to signs and streets when they are driving and by choosing not to drink and drive.

If you have been injured in a wrong-way crash, you may want to consult an attorney to learn more about obtaining compensation for your medical bills, injuries and other damages.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Wrong way crash combat: National Transportation Safety Board takes action,” May 9, 2013