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Trooper in serious condition after roadside strike

Police officers are particularly vulnerable to injury and death during road-side traffic stops. To lower the ever-present risk of involvement in dangerous car accidents, most states have passed laws requiring caution or even lane changes to protect officers and troopers as they complete their duties. Now, though, another Maryland trooper has suffered serious injuries in a traffic stop crash that occurred during the early morning hours on Oct. 6.

Official reports show that the woman had stopped to provide support to another officer, who had made traffic stop for suspected drunk driving. That trooper was in the midst of administering a sobriety evaluation when the victim pulled up in her cruiser. Both of the troopers’ flashing lights were activated as they pulled to the side of Route 100, according to statements. Still, a 21-year-old driver is accused of striking the victim as she got out of her car to assist with the traffic stop.

An initial investigation shows that the woman was struck by the front of the driver’s vehicle, and the impact sent her flying onto the hood of that car. She was then sent flying into the rear compartment of the other officer’s cruiser, where she hit a cage designed to contain the officer’s K-9 partner. No charges have yet been filed against the 21-year-old driver, who was determined to be sober at the time of the 1 a.m. collision.

The female victim suffered a variety of wounds in connection with the crash, including broken bones, head injuries, bruises and lacerations. The woman remains in serious condition at this time, having been admitted to the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

Even though the driver in this case has not been charged with criminal activities, he may be subject to civil violations in connection with the crash. The woman could seek financial compensation for pain and suffering and medical costs from the driver who caused her injuries. Additionally, she could seek workers’ compensation from her employer for the on-the-job wounds.

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