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2 Maryland drunk drivers held in fatal accident

An elderly couple was killed and a pair of drivers were cited for DUI after a fatal accident in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The incident is just one of the most recent drunk driving accidents to occur throughout the state. Authorities report that the two elderly victims, a couple aged 84 and 85, died shortly after the accident, and a 79-year-old victim who was in that vehicle is still in critical condition. The accident occurred on Nov. 7.

Authorities report that the at-fault driver crossed the center line while driving on York Road. That vehicle plowed head-on into the victims’ vehicle. The driver then careened back into the northbound lanes, plowing into the path of an oncoming vehicle. It appears that the driver who caused the initial crash has been charged with drunk driving, as has the driver in the third vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene described the grisly crash scene, saying that the victims’ vehicle looked like a crumpled ball of aluminum foil. Residents in the area say that the stretch of road is particularly dangerous, with a large number of wrecks caused by drivers who speed. Both speed and alcohol were identified as factors in this most recent accident. Information about the defendants’ blood alcohol content was not immediately available.

The municipality in which the accident occurred is responsible for maintaining road safety. If a stretch of road is dangerous because of engineering design, the governing body must make changes to protect drivers, perhaps changing the layout of the road or even lowering the speed limit. These factors, along with poor decision-making on the part of other drivers, can easily cause fatal wrecks.

In such cases, both the municipality and the at-fault drivers could be subject to civil penalties for their roles in the fatal wreck. Family members of the victims could seek financial compensation for wrongful death, pain and suffering, emotional distress and a variety of other civil claims.

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