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Maryland educator seeks workers’ compensation for fall

A Maryland educational professional is seeking workers’ compensation after she was reportedly injured at a high school graduation ceremony this summer. The woman, who serves on the Washington County Board of Education, claims that she was severely injured when she fell during an accident before the South Hagerstown High School ceremony. It is not clear exactly how much she is seeking in connection with the incident.

The woman said she was walking up the stairs in the South High gym on June 7 when she fell. The woman was moving toward the stage in the gymnasium auditorium when someone in the crowd stepped on the back of her shoe. That accident sent her flying into a nearby brick wall, she said. After the ceremony was complete, the woman transported herself to the nearby Meritus Medical Center for treatment in the emergency room; she thought she might have suffered a broken bone in the accident.

Physicians determined that the woman simply endured a strain to her right ankle; however, she also displayed bruises on her shoulder, face and knees shortly after the fall.

In this case, the woman’s health care claims will be processed through the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. Even though she has private insurance, she must pursue the injury claim through the workers’ compensation system. It is important for victims of workplace injury to remember that workers’ compensation is specifically designated for Marylanders who get hurt on the job. Workers and their private insurance companies should not be responsible for paying the bills related to workplace accidents and injuries.

Still, some Maryland companies attempt to contest workers’ compensation claims even though they are justified. Workers who are not getting the money they need and deserve for their on-the-job injuries can consider seeking the help of a qualified personal injury attorney, who can help them learn more about their legal rights. Even a simple fall with bruising can be more serious than it seems, causing long-term disfigurement and emotional distress.

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