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High chairs cause thousands of personal injury incidents

Every year, scores of Maryland kids are injured when they experience an accident in their high chairs. In fact, nationwide, about 9,400 children are wounded every year because they fall off of their high chairs. The head trauma and other wounds that accompany these accidents could open up manufacturers to a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases, especially if the children suffer catastrophic injuries.

Researchers say that the rates of high chair injuries are also on the rise, with a 22 percent growth from 2003 to 2010. The most common types of injuries suffered during these accidents are those that involve head trauma, though bumps, bruises and lacerations are also of concern. The statistics show an even more disturbing trend, however. The rate of head injuries from high chair injures has increased by a whopping 90 percent, as demonstrated by a larger number of visits to the emergency room.

The numbers may not indicate an epidemic high-chair problem, however. Officials say that more parents may be taking their children to the emergency room after they suffer a head injury. With concussion and other head trauma becoming more significant in the public consciousness, it is not hard to believe that parents are simply more concerned. Still, millions of high chairs that did not meet safety standards have been recalled in recent years, as those pieces of furniture may have been poorly constructed. Even though high chairs may be somewhat dangerous, experts say that traditional chairs can be even more harmful; about 40,000 American kids are injured in chair accidents annually. For those counting, that amounts to about four children every hour.

Parents whose children have suffered head trauma or permanent injury because of a faulty high chair that was used correctly may be eligible for financial compensation from the negligent companies that manufactured the items. Personal injury attorneys can help these victims learn more about their legal rights, providing them with the information they need to obtain the money they deserve.

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