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Officer injured in car accident after traffic stop

A Maryland police officer was seriously injured when he was struck by a minivan during a traffic stop on May 22. The victim, age 26, suffered such serious injury that he had to be hospitalized in intensive care, according to news reports. That man’s injuries were initially thought to be catastrophic, but it appears that he will be able to make a full recovery.The victim was one of three police officers at the scene of the car accident; the other two were able to jump to safety, while the single unfortunate officer was not so lucky.

Official reports show that the three officers were returning to their cruisers after a traffic stop on westbound Pennsylvania Avenue in Forestville. A black minivan suddenly veered off the road, swerving toward the three men. Two of the officers successfully dove out of the way, but the other officer was pinned beneath the minivan. That vehicle struck all three police cruisers.

Incredibly, investigators say that the man may only be alive because recent rain softened the ground, preventing even more serious injury. The minivan ran over the man, and he was pressed into the soft soil instead of taking the full impact of the car collision with his body. That victim had to be transported to a local hospital by helicopter.

The at-fault driver in this case may face charges in connection with the incident. It is not clear exactly why the driver swerved into the three officers, but it is possible that that person failed to observe a law that requires motorists to move over into a far lane when they see police and other emergency vehicles on the roadside. The negligent driver may be held accountable for damages in civil court as well, including pain and suffering, emotional distress and a variety of other complaints from the victim.

Source: NBC Washington, “Minivan Strikes Officer, 3 Police Cruisers in Prince George’s County” No author given, May. 22, 2014