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Parents of girl injured in wreck file personal injury claims

The parents of a baby who suffered serious injuries in a collision in Ocean City, Maryland, in 2011 are seeking financial compensation from the at-fault driver. Official reports show that the family is pursuing at least $75,000 in civil damages from that negligent driver, who is accused of causing the wreck that nearly killed the child. The girl’s parents say the man caused the personal injury accident because he was in an altered state after consuming drugs.

News reports show that the parents are accusing the 50-year-old driver of negligence, with a total of five counts included in the lawsuit. Those allegations include claims for personal injury suffered by the child’s mother, who endured broken bones because of the wreck. The infant suffered life-threatening injuries, including multiple fractures and a crushed foot on top of a traumatic brain injury. She has since undergone several invasive brain surgeries.

The child, who had been healthy before the accident, is now blind and deaf. She suffers from such serious health issues that she must receive round-the-clock care, and she is dependent on other people for every daily activity. Family members say they have even had to relocate to Baltimore from Selbyville in order to obtain adequate medical care for their child.

The defendant in this case was also convicted of nearly a dozen criminal charges in connection with the accident, which happened when his pickup truck rear-ended the victims’ vehicle. That truck was traveling at about 90 mph when it struck the victims’ car. He is serving a 10-year prison sentence for his role in the crash.

The driver in this case has been prosecuted by the criminal courts, but he may still be held financially liable for the outcome of the case through a civil proceeding. The parents in this instance are pushing for a jury trial instead of a settlement, perhaps because they are relatively confident that jurors will be sympathetic to their cause. The decision to pursue a jury trial in a personal injury suit is one that should be discussed with a professional attorney.

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