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1 dead, 8 wounded in storm injury incident at camp

A child is dead and eight others suffered serious injury during a storm at a Christian summer camp. The storm reportedly caused the personal injury by causing tree branches to fall onto the campers. The victims were in the process of heading into a building when the wind sent several large branches plummeting onto the group. All of the injured campers are under the age of 13.

Officers say that the tree branches were sheared off; that is, the entire tree was not uprooted. The tree branches simply snapped off of the trunks. The incident occurred during the late evening hours on July 9 at River Valley Ranch, according to authorities. The storm was reportedly “very sudden,” causing a significant amount of wind damage in addition to the child injury and death.

The camp is a Christian facility that offers summer programming for kids ages seven to 17. The division of the camp that was struck the hardest, Fort Roller, is generally reserved for youngsters age nine to 12. One of the victim’s fathers said his daughter suffered a concussion in the incident; he knew right away that the storm must have been concentrated over the area where she was staying. The man’s daughter is 11 years old.

Summer camps are charged with protecting the safety and welfare of the children who attend their programs. Although this incident may seem like a random act of nature, the groundskeepers are responsible for making sure that dangerous tree branches are not loose and simply waiting to fall to the ground. Victims who have suffered child injury at summer camp or another facility may be entitled to financial compensation for their medical costs, disabilities, pain and suffering and other civil complaints.

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By Jon Kelvey, Wiley Hayes, Pamela Wood & Colin Campbell, July 9, 2014