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Diners injured as car accident sends vehicle through window

A Potomac restaurant has suffered two shocking accidents this year, with a vehicle slamming into the building for the second time in just months. The Hunter’s Inn restaurant was struck by yet another vehicle — the third time such a car accident has occurred at the building — on July 12, sending six people to area hospitals. The incident occurred at lunchtime on that Saturday, when an older woman who had just finished dining at the restaurant plowed through the building’s glass facade.

The restaurant’s owners say they are so concerned about diners’ safety that they are planning to install metal planters or large round tubes to separate the glass facade from the parking lot. It appears that the drivers who have caused these wrecks accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. There are no barriers between the parking lot and the restaurant, so the cars simply jump the curb and smack into the front of the building.

One such collision occurred about 15 years ago, and another vehicle smashed into the front of the building just this March. Customers and workers alike said they were astonished at the severity of the wreck. They are also shocked at the lack of care that some drivers exhibit while they are behind the wheel. The restaurant’s owner says he hopes that drivers who visit his establishment learn to pay more attention to their actions.

We often think of car accidents as occurring on the open road, but the fact remains that such crashes can occur in parking lots and alleyways just as easily. Vehicle-versus-building crashes are not as uncommon as you might think. No matter the nature of the car accident, the negligent responsible party needs to be held accountable for costs incurred. Victims may be able to recover those damages in civil court.

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