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Birth injury victims deserve personal injury compensation

It should be the most joyous time in a parent’s life: the day your child is born. For some Maryland parents, though, this dream day quickly turns into a nightmare because of personal injury that is wrought upon their newborns. Medical professionals make mistakes during every type of procedure; the birth of a child is certainly no different. In this high-stakes situation, however, the long-term medical consequences can be dire for victims and their families. Maryland parents should know that they may be eligible to seek financial compensation after physician negligence causing birth injury.

So much can go wrong during the birth of a child. The baby needs to be constantly monitored to determine whether it is maintaining critical vital signs throughout the birth. The baby’s oxygen levels must be kept above a certain threshold, for example, or emergency measures may have to be taken. Many opportunities exist for mistakes during these procedures; babies may suffer from oxygen deprivation and related effects, for instance. Other children have even had their bones broken or suffered brain trauma because of physicians’ incompetence.

Parents whose children have suffered even short-term effects because of an error during labor may be entitled to financial compensation because of their experiences. In many cases, long-lasting consequences cause medical problems for children throughout the remainder of their lives — all thanks to doctor error. Physicians should be held accountable for their negligence through the civil courts.

Family members who have been victimized by birth injury may be entitled to financial compensation from the negligent party that caused the wounds. These can include hospitals, physicians and even other staff members involved in labor and delivery. Those who have suffered birth injury deserve money to help pay for continued medical care. We have more information available for parents on our birth injury webpage.

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