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Car accident leaves trooper with minor injuries, man held for DUI

Maryland police officers say that an allegedly intoxicated driver was to blame for a crash that injured a trooper along the Inner Loop of the Beltway. The car accident occurred during the early morning hours on Sept. 23, when the drunk driver reportedly drifted into a vehicle that was being searched by the troopers. One of the law enforcement officers suffered minor injuries after being struck with that vehicle’s mirror.

Authorities report that the defendant plowed into the scene of the traffic stop, striking the vehicle the troopers were searching and causing such a significant impact that the door was ripped from the frame. That driver then apparently attempted to flee from the scene; however, officers were able to stop him in short order. The defendant is facing allegations related to the Move Over Law, which requires drivers to change lanes or slow down to a “prudent speed” while passing officers stopped on the side of the road. The defendant is also accused of failing to stop after an injurious collision, along with negligent driving and DUI.

In this case, a trooper suffered only minor injuries — but violations of the Move Over Law can lead to even more dire consequences. Civilians and law enforcement officers may be injured or even killed because of auto accidents that stem from violations of this regulation. Negligent motorists who refuse to follow the law should be held responsible in both civil and criminal court.

This case demonstrates the wide range of collisions that can be caused by intoxicated drivers. Not only are drunk drivers a danger to other motorists on the road — they are also a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists. Victims who have been hit by a drunk driver deserve financial damages for their medical expenses and other related costs.

Source: WUSA 9, “Police: Drunk driver hit trooper at traffic stop” Sep. 23, 2014