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Mother killed, child seriously injured in pedestrian car accident

A Maryland mother of two died after she was struck by an SUV in Riverdale on Sept. 1. The woman’s 3-year-old daughter is also in critical condition as a result of the car accident, which occurred when the two pedestrians were struck during the late afternoon hours on Riverdale Road. The 31-year-old woman and her daughter had been walking home from a grocery store located near their house when they were struck by the negligent driver.

Witnesses say that the two pedestrians were in the crosswalk at the time of the wreck, though authorities cannot confirm that assertion. These witnesses described a horrific scene, saying that the woman screamed and then shielded her daughter with her own body. Those bystanders say that the victims were in the crosswalk, but the driver of the SUV was traveling too quickly and could not avoid the two pedestrians. An investigation is ongoing in the matter.

This is not the first serious accident that has occurred at that particular location. Residents say that the crosswalk is dangerous because it lacks a protective traffic light. Those who live in the area say that the city should make changes to protect pedestrians, who currently take their lives into their own hands when they choose to cross at that site.

It is not yet clear whether the driver will be facing charges in the matter. However, that driver did stay at the scene and appears to be cooperating with authorities. Even if criminal charges are not filed in such matters, grieving family members may still have some recourse against the negligent driver who caused the tragic car collision. These relatives deserve financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other civil claims, and the negligent driver should be held responsible for these costs.

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