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How does a birth injury commonly occur?

To some degree, many children are subjected to birth injuries. Most of these are very minor in nature and could include simple things like bruising. In a lot of these cases, the staff at the hospital is prepared to treat the injuries, and they can do so without the need for any further incident to occur.

However, significant injuries can also occur in some cases. This could include things like broken arms, legs or other bones. It could also include damage to a newborn’s nerves. In these cases, it is important to know when the injuries are most common and what legal steps can be taken after the fact.

While there are always exceptions, many injuries occur when a child is in the birth canal. Children who are in the correct position will come through with the head oriented first and the feet following. This means that greater pressure is going to be put on the head, and many advanced methods to assist with the birth are going to involve the head. Therefore, injuries to the child will often be concentrated in this area.

For example, forceps are a common tool used to assist if a child is not being fully born naturally. These can put additional stress on the facial nerve. Even when they are not used, a child could be subjected to twisting and stretching of the extremities, which could lead to nerve damage.

Regardless of the type of injury, the important thing to remember is that the trip through the birth canal, while much shorter than the labor and recovery, is when a child in Maryland is generally at risk.

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