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Maryland accident leaves 10 children without their mothers

A terrible car accident in Maryland has taken five lives. However, to make things even worse, two of the women were mothers with a grand total of 10 children, all of whom are left motherless in the wake of the crash. The two women who were killed were sisters, both of whom were in their 30s. Two children also died in the accident.

The women were in an Acura, heading back to Southeast D.C., where they lived. They had been out doing laundry and going to Home Depot to get a machine to clean their carpets. At about 9:40 p.m., they came to a red light and brought the car to a stop. It was there, according to the preliminary investigation that has been carried out by police, that their car was struck by a Mercedes.

The two women in the first vehicle, along with the two children, were passengers. The children did survive initially, but they died at the hospital. The driver of the car, who was the mother of those children, lived through the crash.

There were two people in the Mercedes, a man and a women. The female passenger is the fifth victim of the accident. The driver survived and was taken to the hospital, where last reports indicate he is in critical condition.

People who are injured in devastating crashes like this need to know what to do to legally seek compensation for their injuries. If they have lost loved ones in the accident as well, they should know that they may also be able to get compensation for that loss.

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