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Injury stats show 800 people are hurt per year on home elevators

A two-year study of accidents on elevators found that 1,600 people — or an average of 800 per year — suffered from injuries while using them. This study was not looking at freight elevators or commercial elevators, however, but focusing solely on the type of personal elevators that are used in homes.

As it turns out, these elevators do not always have the safety features that are almost always used in more commercial settings. While each model is different, this lack of safety was an overall trend.

Many times, those who are injured are children. A 10-year-old boy was using one while on vacation when he was hurt so severely that he is now paralyzed. He used to love playing sports, and he can no longer speak or move.

Another 3-year-old was injured when he became trapped between the doors. These elevators often use two-door systems, one on the interior and one on the exterior, and he got caught in the gap. The elevator continued moving. As a result, he arrived at the hospital with a catastrophic brain injury. In fact, reports show that this is the most common way for children to be hurt on personal elevators in Maryland and elsewhere.

Parents have sometimes said that they did not know about the danger, that they didn’t understand the risks until it was too late.

The statistics for this study come from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC.

When a child suffers a catastrophic personal injury or is even killed by an elevator in a home, the parents need to know what legal options they have, as the blame may fall on the manufacturer.

Source: CBS News, “In-home elevator accidents causing catastrophic harm to kids” Nov. 10, 2014