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Hidden factor in preventing DUI accidents in Maryland

When we take to the road, we expect other drivers to be responsible behind the wheel. However, dangerous factors such as speeding, texting and driving and driving under the influence continue to present hazards on our roadways. We preach safety and responsibility and write tickets to drivers who break the law, but sometimes it still isn’t enough to prevent an accident.

With safety on our minds, let’s think back to 2011 in Maryland. Can you think of a significant event that year? Six years ago, the state raised taxes on alcohol sales. Today, this rising price at the liquor store is met with a positive effect on safety on the roads. Namely, monthly DUI-related crashes are down 20 percent since the alcohol tax was put in place.

Alcohol tax useful in preventing DUI accidents among young people

Young drivers were especially less prone to causing a DUI-related crash due to the alcohol tax because they have less disposable income to account for the rise in prices, according to Journalist’s Resource.

Although alcohol-related crashes are down on Maryland roadways, they are no less dangerous to the victims. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), alcohol can increase an impaired driver’s risk of speeding and swerving while reducing reaction time. This dangerous combination can result in more severe injuries and a greater risk of death in an accident.

The cost of accident-related injuries

Alcohol-related crashes cost Americans $44 billion and result in more than 10,000 deaths every year, according to the CDC and Journalist’s Resource. The increased risk of injury and the high cost of these accidents cannot be ignored. The four most common injuries in a car crash are as follows:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Whiplash
  • Blunt force trauma

Although these are the most common injuries, the unpredictability of an alcohol-related crash can make it difficult for you as a victim to determine the long-term effects including cost and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one is impacted by an injury or death due to an alcohol-related crash, compensation is available through personal injury litigation. This process can work simultaneously with your doctor’s plan for recovery and help defray the cost of medical bills, lost wages and property damage in an accident.

The higher cost of alcohol combined with the personal injury recovery process can help to make alcohol-related accidents less taxing on drivers.