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Spinal cord injuries can cause major life changes

Many injuries can cause lasting symptoms. For example, a broken leg might have aches and pains as time progresses, even after the bone is healed. Spinal cord injuries are a bit different because the effects can last the rest of the person’s life without improving.

For a person who has an injured spinal cord, there are many factors to impact how one fares in the aftermath. It is imperative to understand how quality of life might be impacted by the injury.

Factors that can impact the outcome

One of the primary factors that impacts the outcome of the injury is how quickly you receive treatment. Prolonged time between the accident and medical care can mean that you might not fare as well as what was possible if you received that care immediately.

The type of injury is another primary factor. When it is classified as a complete injury, you are more likely to have long lasting effects than what is associated with an incomplete injury. The location on the spine is the third primary factor. When the affected area is lower on the spinal cord, less of the body is going to be affected.

Financial limitations

Your finances are going to change after a severe spinal cord injury, mostly because you likely won’t be able to continue working. You will lose your income and might have to rely on disability, but receiving those benefits can take a while. You will also have increased expenses related to the injury. While insurance can help with some of the medical costs, there will likely be some that you will have to cover. Others, such as the need to retrofit a home or have adaptive equipment can also add to the expense.

Minimizing low quality of life factors

While your attitude isn’t going to change the outcome of the injury, it can improve your quality of life. Making the best of your life as it is now may make it easier for you to enjoy the things you can. It can also take at least some of the dread out of each day. Getting appropriate medical care might enable you to address the physical symptoms of the injury, which can make life more bearable.