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Workers’ compensation offers more than just medical coverage

Most people in Maryland know that workers’ compensation offers important medical benefits when someone gets hurt. That way, even those without their own health insurance policies know they have protection if they wind up hurt or sick because of the job that they do.

Those who work in particularly dangerous environments, like factories or construction sites, may also be aware of disability benefits available through workers’ compensation because they know someone who has had to claim them in the past.

However, quite a few people don’t understand the disability benefits available to Maryland workers under the workers’ compensation insurance program. Familiarizing yourself with the available benefits can make it easier to take action if you get hurt at work.

Temporary disability, as well as partial disability, may qualify you

In the mind of the average person, disability probably means a serious and permanent injury that will keep them from doing their job or perhaps from caring for themselves for the rest of their lives. It is certainly true that some disabilities are permanent, but it is possible for people to experience temporary disability, which is a condition that will eventually improve.

Broken bones are a perfect example. While someone is in the process of healing, they likely can’t continue to do the job they once did. However, eventually, they will feel well enough to be able to return to that job or possibly another position.

Other times, people have an injury that permanently affects them but does not completely prevent them from working or caring for themselves. These injuries, known as partial disabilities, can severely impact someone’s ability to command the best wage possible. Workers can receive up to $187 per week to offset that difference.

Both temporary and partial disability can impact your financial solvency

You have trained or worked in a specific field to maximize your income and advance your career. If an injury you receive while working leaves you unable to continue earning income, you should not have to worry about slipping into poverty.

Temporary disability and partial disability benefits result in a decrease in earning potential even if you can still work in one way or another. These benefits can help close the gap between the wage you earn at a new job and the wage you used to command.

Benefits also protect the people you love

Sometimes, work accidents have fatal outcomes, which can leave your family dealing with a tragic loss and a sudden decrease in the family’s income. Workers’ compensation protects the people who depend on you and the money you earn. Your benefits also protect your spouse and your children, or other dependents, in the event that something happens to you.

The more you and your loved ones know about Maryland workers’ compensation, the better job you’ll be able to do at advocating for yourselves if you ever need to access these benefits.