Construction accidents and different types of disability benefits

A construction accident in Maryland can leave you disabled to one degree or another, and it is important to know what types of payments you may be able to get based on your injuries and the extent of the disability. Below are a few different types of payments to consider.

Temporary Payments for a Partial Disability

A partial disability generally means that it is still possible for you to go to work, but the injury means that you cannot work as much or cannot perform certain tasks, which can reduce what you can earn. This is temporary because you are expected to heal and return to full working capacity in time.

Temporary Payments for a Total Disability

Likewise, you may be injured to the point that all work is impossible. Though, you are expected to recover in time, you cannot put in any hours until that healing takes place. These benefits can help make up for the lost wages, medical bills and other costs.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Some injuries are so dire that you will never fully recover from them. For example, the loss of a hand is a permanent disability that is going to impact your ability to do certain jobs for the rest of your life. There are two sets of benefits to choose from for a long-lasting disability, and it depends on the extent of the impact on your ability to work.

As noted above, if you cannot work at all, it is considered a total disability, and, if you can work to a lesser degree, it is a partial disability. The huge different here--when compared to temporary benefits--is that the benefits may need to last for a long time since you will not be able to overcome your injury.

Source: Maryland Workers Compensation Commission, "Maryland Workers' Compensation Law" Dec. 16, 2014

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