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Premises liability involves personal injuries on another individual’s property. While slip-and-fall injuries are the most common sort of case, premises liability can include injuries due to dog bites and animal attacks, injuries in apartments or buildings due to defective steps or railings, escalator and elevator accidents, and injuries resulting from negligent security.

Attorney Marc S. Dorman handles even the most complex and challenging of premises liability cases. Marc understands how to investigate such accidents, and to hold negligent parties and insurance companies accountable for injuries.

Why Premises Liability Cases Are Significant

The injuries sustained due to a property owner’s negligence can be every bit as severe as injuries sustained in other sorts of accidents. Premises liability accidents can involve broken bones, concussions and permanent neck and back injuries. Even a broken hip resulting from a slip-and-fall accident can result in permanent disability.

It is for this reason that the law office of Marc S. Dorman, in Pikesville, Maryland, will represent you and fight for the sort of compensation that can best make you whole. Having represented personal injury victims in court for over 30 years, we understand the total costs that accompany injuries. There are short- and long-term medical costs. A disability can prevent you from working resulting in lost wages. Special accommodations may be required while you recover from your injuries at home. Your family may also have to absorb certain costs when caring for you.

As a lawyer, Marc Dorman has extensive experience negotiating with individuals, businesses and insurance companies for compensation. He also knows how to try cases in our Maryland courts. Our firm has access to experts, accident reconstructionists, medical personnel, social workers and therapists who can testify on your behalf. We will fight for the compensation you require and deserve.

An Attorney Handling Difficult And Challenging Cases

Every premises liability matter is different and has its own set of facts. It is for this reason that our law firm will devote a substantial amount of attention to your premises liability case. To contact Marc S. Dorman to set up a free initial consultation with a lawyer, please call 410-205-7758. We provide personal injury representation throughout Baltimore County and all of Maryland.

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