Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Advocacy For Those Injured During Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in serious injuries. Individuals slipping on a wet floor at a department store often suffer broken bones and serious and permanent injuries to the neck and back. Even a broken arm or leg can result in significant expense and wage loss.

The law firm of Marc S. Dorman works hard on every case and will provide your slip-and-fall matter ample personalized attention. We will thoroughly investigate how your accident occurred. As attorney Marc S. Dorman has over 30 years of personal injury and litigation experience, we understand how to negotiate with businesses and insurance companies in order to maximize any settlement offer you may receive.

Taking Immediate Action Regarding Your Injury Case

As with all personal injury and premises liability cases, slip-and-fall cases require an immediate response. Too often, property insurers will make a settlement offer that will not come close to meeting your long-term needs.

Marc S. Dorman understands the significance of your injuries. Besides inspecting the accident scene and reconstructing how the accident occurred, we will organize and review all medical records to document your expenses. We will have medical experts and lifestyle specialists testify concerning any medical treatment and therapy you will need now and in the future. We will fight for the kind of offer that best meets your concerns. Should no suitable settlement offer be forthcoming, we will be prepared to take your case to trial.

The Duties That Property Owners Owe

In Baltimore, business owners are required to remove slippery materials from floors and to warn customers of potential conditions that could lead to individuals slipping and falling. Property owners need to abide by state and municipal laws concerning the condition of their property. This means keeping property indoors and outdoors free from any defects or dangers that could result in injury. It also means keeping sidewalks in repair and free from ice or debris.

Whether you are a tenant, customer or an individual simply visiting someone on another’s property, you have a right to sue for injuries resulting from a property owner’s negligence. In such instances, you may require an experienced lawyer on your side to locate the right sort of compensation. Attorney Marc S. Dorman will fight for you.

Helping Injured Guests Recover Compensation

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