Distracted Driving

Holding Drivers Accountable For Distracted Driving

The consequences of any motor vehicle accident are likely to be severe. Unfortunately, too many drivers fail to consciously abide by their obligations to drive attentively and safely.

For over 30 years, attorney Marc S. Dorman has held drivers accountable for their negligence. Marc understands firsthand the consequences of distracted driving. He knows what challenges you and your family face, and he understands the sorts of compensation you will require to meet all of your personal and medical needs.

The Reason Why Distracted Driving Accidents Occur

While Maryland has strict penalties in place for individuals found guilty of distracted driving, the penalties do not seem to be enough to prevent such accidents from occurring. We see on a daily basis individuals driving through Baltimore residential neighborhoods at excessive speeds. Many drivers do not grant the right of way to motorcycle riders.

Many drivers pay closer attention to their cellphones than to the road. Yet those few seconds of distraction can result in accidents causing catastrophic injuries or even death to personal injury victims. When a car is driving 60 mph, it takes less than four seconds for it to travel the length of a football field. It also takes a few seconds to bring a car to a stop.

Those precious few seconds may mean you are not seeing a car or motorcycle entering an intersection. It may mean you did not notice the child or pedestrian crossing the street. When driving a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds, even striking a person at low speeds could easily

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