By Marc S. Dorman, Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

For over 30 years I have been advising clients to include the No-Fault Insurance benefit (PIP) on their automobile policy.

Personal Injury Protection (no fault benefits) which on average provides a minimum of $2,500.00 of coverage right away helps to pay lost wages and medical bills. You can elect a higher PIP benefit. In addition, when you chose the PIP coverage option, the benefit extends to resident relatives, passengers, pedestrians who are involved in the automobile accident . If you are a passenger, involved in an accident, and the driver waived his pip, you can still receive PIP benefits through the drivers' policy unless you waived the no fault benefit on your policy.

Additionally, cabs & MTA buses are NOT required to carry PIP, ho wever, if you or a resident relative have an automobile policy with PIP benefits, you can file a claim.

REMEMBER, if you waive the pip benefit on your policy, you will NOT receive PIP money from any automobile crash, even if you were not at fault or even if you were an innocent passenger.

BEWARE, insurance companies offer the option to waive your PIP. The insurance company and/or the insurance agent will often state that you will save money by electing to waive the benefit from your policy. In my experience, clients often do not realize they signed a waiver.

Benefits received from PIP, CANNOT be deducted from any settlement paid by the at-fault carrier. The payment of pip funds will allow you to keep more money in your pocket at the time of settlement.

The attorneys at Marc S. Dorman & Associates would be happy to answer any insurance coverage questions, including review of your current policy.

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